This week’s war: 28


Meeting of allies section of International…


At this conference a resolution re manifesto was adopted – in which the whole blame of the war was laid on Germany. It contained however some good points – such as no annexation, and no revenge upon the German working class. MacDonald had a big hand in it. Jowett, Anderson and myself opposed it but eventually after long discussion – throats(?) etc – all consented to it save myself. I held out to the last, and only yielded to allow it to pass on the threat of a worse resolution being adopted by majority vote.

[Glasier Papers GP/2/1/22]

14 February 1915. Diary entry by John Bruce Glasier (1859-1920), Socialist and pacifist. This week’s war: 28.

This week’s war: 27


Travelled early to London for meeting of British Section of the International Bureau…


Another matter was the invitation of the Executive of the Bureau to British, French and Russian sections to meet at Hague. We pressed successfully the point that unless all the national sections neutrals, Germans etc were invited, we should not agree. [Glasier Papers GP/2/1/22]


2 February 2015. Diary entry by John Bruce Glasier (1859-1920), Socialist and pacifist. This week’s war: 27.


#LivUniSCA Dec 16


John Bruce Glasier’s Independent Labour Party held its 21st anniversary conference just four months before war broke out. The conference was attended by socialists from across Europe, and a commemorative certificate was produced depicting workers marching fraternally underneath the flags of each of the global superpowers, celebrating the Socialist International.

Despite its anti-war position, the International collapsed on the outbreak of war when most of its constituent parties supported their governments.

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This week’s war


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