This Week’s War: 175


“Russia and German Peace Delegates are expected to meet today, to consider terms of an armistice.

Entry dated Saturday December 1st. Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24]

This Week’s War: 165


“This is Katherine’s birthday and she begins her 50th year… Never was there a younger woman at 50 years: and tis’ all because her heart is good and there is no hardness or hardening in it.”

Entry dated Tuesday 25th September 1917 regarding Katherine Glasier, John Glasier’s wife. Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

The Week’s War: 162


“Exciting discovery that Swedish ambassador… has been acting as a German political agent… Sweden called upon to explain.”

Entry dated Saturday 8th September 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

This Week’s War: 157


“It is difficult to say what success is being achieved by Sir Douglas Haig in his great attack in Flanders. One day the British gain ground and the next the German officers to recover part of the ground. The havoc of life must be appalling.”

Entry dated Wednesday 1st August 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

This Week’s War: 152


“Today we held N.A.C meeting. Chief Business apart from usual applies – our position towards Russia. McDonald & Jowett reported about their bring prevented going to Petrograd by German’s Executive.”

Entry dated Saturday 30th June 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

This Week’s War: 151


June 1917
Goods Received                                  Goods Distributed
From Boston
10 C/s [cases] Dressings                      To Bureau
2 ” Hospital Goods                                  ”
& Appliances for making gauze             Auxiliary Hospital
sponges from Franklin Relief Assn.

1 C/s Hospital Goods from Lynn           British Red Cross, London
House, American Allied War Relief

Items donated by the wives of active servicemen aboard Cunard ships to be distributed to the indicated areas. From the Cunard Archive [Cunard Women’s War Service Association Report for 1917, D42/C1/1/22/2].

The Week’s War: 150


“President Wilson wrote in reply to Russian provisional Govt, published today. Most disappointing. He adopts the jargon of the allies and has evidently forsworn his former vague ideas.”

Entry dated Friday 15th June 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

This Week’s War: 131


Germany in reply to allies statement of terms, declares they will begin a wholesale war upon all shipping – rental vessels included. This created a serious situation with United States: and darkens peace hopes.

Wednesday 31st January 1917. Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].


This Week’s War: 130


Laurentic the White Star Liner converted into a light cruiser (14 000 tons) sank by a submarine on West Coast on Thursday night only 120 saved out of nearly 1000. Terrible.

Monday 29th January 1917. Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].