Advent and After: 23. Nuremberg Chronicle

Nuremberg Chronicle: colophon
Nuremberg Chronicle: colophon

Colophon: The final sentence reads: ”Completed on the 23rd day of the month of December, after the birth of Christ our Saviour, 1493 years”.

Hartmann Schedel’s Liber Chronicarum in the Latin edition or Das Buch der Chroniken und Geschichten in the German translation is a monumental folio illustrated with more woodcuts than had ever appeared in a printed book.

Nuremberg Chronicle: building Noah's Ark
Nuremberg Chronicle: building Noah’s Ark

The printer of the Chronicle, Anton Koberger, maintained his printing house, with its twenty-four presses, in the  Aegidienplatz, one of the oldest squares in Nuremberg.

The Chronicle was published in Latin on June 12, 1493. It was then translated into German by Georg Alt (c. 1450-1510), the city treasurer of Nuremberg and the German edition was published on December 23, 1493.

The copy of Das Buch der Chroniken und Geschichten held in Special Collections and Archives is in the original blind-stamped binding, possibly from the publisher’s bindery, it has the bookplate of Josiah Spode and was presented to the University Library by Henry Tate in 1894. Happy Birthday, Nuremberg Chronicle!