This Week’s War: 181


“The Bolsheviks here have realised the futility of their peace negotiations, and they’re trying to raise a volunteer army to replace the old army that they’ve destroyed. I fear they will have little success – the discipline of the existing units has been destroyed, and the officers’ authority has gone…”

Letter written by Lyon Blease to his mother during his service with the Red Cross, dated 14th January 1918, Anglo-Russian Hospital, Odessa, Ukraine. Letters of Professor Walter Lyon Blease [D55/26/5].

This Week’s War: 180


“President Wilson’s new message. Virtual acceptance of peace without victory.”

Entry dated Wednesday 9th January 1918, Diary of John Bruce Glasier [GP/2/1/25].

This Week’s War: 179


“Visited 419th field Co.R.E. at Heuchin. Inspected work on horse standings in 165th & 166th brigade areas.”

War diary of University of Liverpool graduate J. H. Forshaw, documenting his service as Captain and Adjutant of the 55th Divisional Royal Engineers, entry dated 2nd January 1918 [D113/1/2].

This Week’s War: 178


“We have had our Christmas dinner to-day, Boxing Day; otherwise there has been little doing. Our dinner consisted of some pork, with apple sauce, potatoes, and cabbage; also some excellent plum-pudding, tinned but a good imitation of the home made article. The quality of the dinner was good, if the quantity small. This afternoon, I went for a walk with Chisholm; it was frosty and all the scene white with snow.”

Entry dated December 26th, 1917, War Diary 1917 – 1919, by Aleyn Lyell Reade [ALR. A. 1. 2].

This Week’s War: 176


“Heard from Constantia through Helen that both Rita’s sons had been killed in the same battle in Palestine on Nov. 29 – too awfully sad.”

Entry dated 17th December 1917.  Diary of Alfred Osten Walker [LUL MS 9]

This Week’s War: 175


“Russia and German Peace Delegates are expected to meet today, to consider terms of an armistice.

Entry dated Saturday December 1st. Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24]

This Week’s War: 174


November 1917

1 C/s Hospital goods consisting of 
2 Doz. Hot Water Bags                         6 Doz to Seaforth Military
13 ” Tooth Brushes                               Hospital
6 ” Calox                                               Comrades Assn.
12 ” Face Cloths                                    ” ”
4 ” Hair Combs

Items donated by the wives of active servicemen aboard Cunard ships to be distributed to the indicated areas. From the Cunard Archive [Cunard Women’s War Service Association Report for 1917, D42/C1/1/22/2].

This Week’s War: 172


“Went with L. Dale to Dawson’s + bought a lot of things for soldiers’ parcels.”

Entry dated Friday November 9th 1917. Diary of Alfred Osten Walker [LUL MS 9]