Movember Mondays: 2

This week’s moustaches share a horizontal style, as worn by aristocratic members of the Gypsy Lore Society and Liverpool medics, such as Rushton Parker.

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Colocci, in military dress in the Bulgarian war of 1885
Adriano Colocci, in military dress in the Bulgarian war of 1885

Marquis Adriano Colocci (1855-1941) was President of the Gypsy Lore Society 1910-1911. He sent this photograph to the Honorary Secretary, Dora Yates, with the signed inscription: “When I was officer in the Bulgarian war (1885).”

Colocci signed up to the newly-founded Gypsy Lore Society on 22nd June 1888, within a month of its launch in Edinburgh, and remained a member throughout his long and colourful career.

Heinrich von Wlislocki
Heinrich von Wlislocki (1856-1907)

Heinrich von Wlislocki (1856-1907), another Gypsiologist and nobleman, was born to a Polish family in Transylvania, and travelled with a group of Transylvanain Gypsies for most of a year after finishing his PhD.He died just as the Gypsy Lore Society was being revived in Liverpool. His obituary in the first volume of the Journal describes how his shyness made him the subject of a cycle of legends amongst his fellow students.

Photograph of Rushton Parker
Rushton Parker, Liverpool surgeon

Rushton Parker (1847-1932) FRCS, was born in Kirkdale, Liverpool and went to the Royal Institution School. He trained in London, Paris and Vienna, before returning to Liverpool, where he introduced Lister’s ideas on antisepsis to the Royal Infirmary. He became the first Professor of Surgery at the newly-founded University College in 1882, where he continued in post until he died in 1932, at the age of 84. His neighbours on Rodney St were almost exclusively medics.

We can now reveal the result of the Library staff poll for Moustache of the Week for Movember Mondays: 1 was Principal Rendall – see his moustache in 3D at the Victoria Gallery & Museum.