This Week’s War: 96

We are beginning to perceive far more clearly what the true issue is, the issue that means to mankind enough to recompense for the sacrifice. There is a growing readiness to dismiss the question of colonies, of new places in the sun, of commercial expansion. The Allies are coming back to the perception of the principle, not the minor detail and the unessential and selfish circumstance. When Germany is ready to go home, when she is ready to recognise that the world is not amenable to her discipline or her method, and that the effort to apply it costs approximately 200,000 casualties per month and earns only a debt of $5,000,000.00 per annum, then there will be peace.

May 1916. Extract from pamphlet entitled, ‘How long will it last? Reprinted (by permission) from the New York Tribune of the 3rd May, 1916’ [SPEC S/D525 (P.C. 151)]. This week’s war: 96.

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