This Week’s War: 106

Practiced [sic] miniature attack, getting back to camp at 12.30, when the news that the Battalion was going up the line this evening was imparted to us by an officer.


Moved off at about 5.30 pm and marched some miles over sticky clay – terrible going. Passed many parties of war-torn tommies.

Suddenly the company came under heavy shell fire, most of the boys getting the ‘wind up’. I got a bit windy after the fourth shell. Many dropped only about 20 yards from us. The ‘Coy’ was placed in dug-outs and then moved to trenches, finally being placed in original dug-outs. The one into which I got with eight others was filthy, and I spent a most miserable night. I was very damp and cold.

14th August 1916. Extract from the last full diary entry of Lance-Corporal Eric Peppiette of the 10th (Scottish) Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment, and former University of Liverpool Library Assistant [SPEC S/D 640.P42.T23]. This week’s war: 106.

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