Liverpool to London

Several of the library’s Architecture books are currently on loan to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA):

  1. Drew, Jane, Village Housing In The Tropics. With Special Reference To West Africa (1947)
  2. Fry, Maxwell and Drew, Jane, Tropical  Architecture In The Humid Zone (1956)
  3. Drew, Jane, Architecture For Children (1945)
  4. Fry, Maxwell and Drew, Jane, Architecture and  the environment (1976)
  5. Drew, Jane (ed.), Architect’s year book (1945, 1st ed.; 1947, 2nd ed.; 1949, 3rd ed.)

They have gone on a trip to London to take part in an exhibition at the ICA looking at the work of the British architect Jane Drew.

Specialising in tropical architecture, Drew worked on  several projects in West Africa and India, most notably the design of the city of Chandigarh with her partner Maxwell Fry and Swiss Architect Le Corbusier. Fry, born in Wallasey, was a graduate of the University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture and studied under Professor Charles Reilly.

Running from 12th Feb 2014 to 23rd March 2014, the exhibition includes artwork, books and other objects and will be accompanied by several talks and other related events.
It is part of a long-term research project into New Towns conducted by Inheritance Projects.

For more information, see:

Library, University of Ibadan designed by Jane Drew
Library, University of Ibadan designed by Jane Drew