A Midwich Day Out

Andy Sawyer of Special Collections and Archives gave a talk on John Wyndham and his unfinished sequel to The Midwich Cuckoos (1957) at the “Midwich Day Out” on Sunday May 19, held in Letchmore Heath, the village where many of the exterior shots for the 1960 film Village of the Damned, based on Wyndham’s novel, were filmed. Special guests at the event were Barbara Shelley, who played Anthea Zellaby in the film, and Martin Stephens, Teri Scoble, Lesley Scoble, and Peter Preidel, who were among the blond, staring-eyed “cuckoo” children.

A highlight of the day was a guided tour around Letchmore Heath, seeing buildings and locations which featured in the film.