This Week’s War: 158


“Mrs Whittaker had a wire from her son that he would be at home about Saturday; he has been over a year in England since he was wounded in the knee but never been home.”

Entry dated Wednesday August 8th 1917, Diary of Alfred Osten Walker [LUL MS 9].

This Week’s War: 157


“It is difficult to say what success is being achieved by Sir Douglas Haig in his great attack in Flanders. One day the British gain ground and the next the German officers to recover part of the ground. The havoc of life must be appalling.”

Entry dated Wednesday 1st August 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

New Accession – Cunard Memorabilia

A few months ago Special Collections and Archives received a surprise donation of Cunard cruise memorabilia from the 1930s that has now been added to the Cunard Associated Deposits – this makes a total of 100 series that is now searchable online.

Lancastria passenger list

Ausonia passenger list










The Cunard memorabilia was collected by the Abbotts family during their travels on the Ausonia cruise sailing from London to France, Devon and the Channel Islands in 1932, and the Lancastria cruise sailing from Liverpool to Spain, North Africa, Canary Isles and Madeira in 1934. Comprising passenger lists, newsletters, programmes, menu cards, poems and photographs, these items give an insight into the daily activities onboard cruises at this time.

Of particular interest is the travel album which contains photographs and postcards showing scenes on board the Lancastria, deck games, some of the places visited and local residents. The album also contains autographs of passengers and crew and diary entries made by the Abbotts.

Travel album

The Ausonia and Lancastria memorabilia has been given the deposit number of D1158 and is searchable via the Cunard Associated Deposits:


This Week’s War: 156


July 1917
Goods Received                                  Goods Distributed
7 C/s Dressings                                    To Bureau
2 ” Relief Supplies from British War       ” Red Cross Society, Liverpool
Relief Society containing woolens,        Cunard staff on active service
socks etc.

From New York
2 C/s supplies containing Hot water     To Bureau & distributed to
bag, shoes, dressing gowns. tooth       Hospitals at home and abroad.
brushes & powder, razors, soap etc

Items donated by the wives of active servicemen aboard Cunard ships to be distributed to the indicated areas. From the Cunard Archive [Cunard Women’s War Service Association Report for 1917, D42/C1/1/22/2].

This Week’s War: 155


“In the present crisis the question of the supply of food for the population of the country, both human and animal, has come to occupy a place in the mind of the intelligent… it has become a matter of absorbing interest to every thinking man, and almost a nightmare to many.”

Extract from preface dated July 1917, The National Food Supply in Peace and War by T.B. Wood (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1917), reference number SPEC POV X48.3.47.

This Week’s War: 154


“I am writing in the month of July, 1917, with the third anniversary of the outbreak of the war near at hand. There is no doubt it will show a significant difference from the first two… a series of tremendous battles have all gone the same way – Vedun, Champagne, the Somme… tell the same tale with increasing emphasis and force”.

Dated July 10th 1917.

When Should the War End? by W. Sanday D.D.(London: Evangelical Information Committee, 1917) [SPEC S/D525 (P.C. 25)].

This Week’s War: 153


“An aeroplane raid on London E. of Chelsea at 10:30am – guns banging all round, but over in time for one to get a taxi for the 11.3 train. It did not appear to upset people at all...

Entry dated Saturday July 7th 1917. Diary of Alfred Osten Walker [LUL MS 9].

New Accession – Brian Hudson images

The following photographs show the University campus during the 1960s and are just some of the digital images sent to SC&A by former student Brian Hudson of Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Brian Hudson’s photographs have been given the deposit number D1153 and include further photographs of the University campus, the Liverpool City area more widely and aboard the New Brighton ferry.

A student’s room, 144 Chatham Street, Liverpool. Brian Hudson ©

The Victoria Building viewed from Mulberry Street 1962.
Brian Hudson ©

Bedford Street South, showing the terrace in which Sir William Holford had his home and office. The Civic Design Building is just beyond on the corner of Abercromby Square.
Brian Hudson ©

Civic Design Studio 1962.
Brian Hudson ©

Aboard the New Brighton ferry.
Brian Hudson ©



This Week’s War: 152


“Today we held N.A.C meeting. Chief Business apart from usual applies – our position towards Russia. McDonald & Jowett reported about their bring prevented going to Petrograd by German’s Executive.”

Entry dated Saturday 30th June 1917, Diary of John Glasier [GP/2/1/24].

This Week’s War: 151


June 1917
Goods Received                                  Goods Distributed
From Boston
10 C/s [cases] Dressings                      To Bureau
2 ” Hospital Goods                                  ”
& Appliances for making gauze             Auxiliary Hospital
sponges from Franklin Relief Assn.

1 C/s Hospital Goods from Lynn           British Red Cross, London
House, American Allied War Relief

Items donated by the wives of active servicemen aboard Cunard ships to be distributed to the indicated areas. From the Cunard Archive [Cunard Women’s War Service Association Report for 1917, D42/C1/1/22/2].