This Week’s War: 38

We were relieved at 1 a.m…. did not get to the cottage by the word until daylight, 3.30. The billet is awful. The ceilings have all been torn down and there is only the roof and walls; the former looks very like a piece of fretwork. We fill up the holes with old sacks, etc., as no light must show. It is a stone floor and very hard. Weather has again turned summery so we try to get the men’s dug-outs a little more habitable. The wood is thin so no smoke is allowed, and aeroplane guards have to be on constant watch.  [SPEC S/D542.Y7.M15]

24 April 1915. Diary entry written night of 24 January 1915 by Bryden McKinnell, Captain 10th (Scottish) Battalion King’s Liverpool Regiment, killed in action June 16, 1915. This week’s war: 38.

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