This Week’s War: 91

Tonight’s papers give the first details of the Dublin revolt. It began last Monday, and was evidently well organised. The rebels appear to have at once started shooting upon troops at night, and made Liberty Hall their headquarters, which was soon wrecked by fires from a gun blast – 30 bodies of [sic] being found among this ruins. There has been wholesale looting and pillage, and Jacob’s biscuit factory is in flames.


Over 100 people have been killed or injured. James Connolly is said to be the leader. I used to know him well. He was secretary of the Edinburgh I.L.P. or S.D.F. (I forget which) about 25 years ago.

29th April 1916. Diary entry of John Bruce Glasier, socialist and pacifist [Glasier Papers GP2/1/23]. This week’s war: 91.

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