County Lives: P – Pembrokeshire; Peebles, Perth

From the far west of Wales up to the vast expanse of the Highlands.

map of Pembrokeshire showing historic county area

Pembrokeshire on Speed’s Tudor map has dramatic hills to the north and west – notably the towering ‘Percelye’ or Preseli – and less dramatic coastal estuaries to the south of the county. Two compact plans show ‘Penbroke’ with its harbour and defensive walls, and Saint Davids, with its prominent cathedral and mere scatter of houses.

The cathedral is prominent in Special Collections too, described alongside the other ancient Welsh cathedrals at St Asaph’s, Bangor and Llandaff by Benjamin Winkles in his Architectural and picturesque illustrations (1836-1842), and with the newly-established cathedrals of St John at Brecon and St Woolos at Newport for the apparently Anglican-only travellers on the Great Western Railway in 1926. The intemperately Anglican George William Manby (1765–1854) wrote his first book (1801) about St David’s as a whole, but is better remembered for his inventions to rescue people from shipwrecks, fires and falling through the ice. Tenby’s naturally sheltered position made it a popular seaside resort for tourists and naturalists, including George Henry Lewes and Marian Evans (George Eliot) whose visit led to Lewes’ popular illustrated work on marine life, Sea-side studies at Ilfracombe, Tenby, the Scilly Isles and Jersey (1858).

map of Peeblesshire showing historic county area

Peeblesshire (or Tweeddale) in the Borders was also a place to take the waters, especially around Linton and Newlands, where the chalybeate springs were as good as Tunbridge Wells or Harrogate, according to the Revd Charles Findlater (1754-1838) in the General View of county of Peebles (1802)

The springs seem to have been recent discoveries, since Thomas Johnson makes no mention of them in his General View of Tweedale (1794), although he does say Linton is an excellent place for growing turnips and clover. The adventure story writer and popular novelist John Buchan (1875–1940), MP for the county from 1911, knew Peeblesshire from childhood visits to his maternal relations. His essays in Scholar Gipsies (1896) give a colourful account of upper Tweeddale.

map of Perthshire showing historic area

Although John Buchan was born in Perth, Highland Perthshire was not a source of inspiration for his novels as Peeblesshire was. It did however provide the story behind Walter Scott’s Fair Maid of Perth (1828), and for plays, paintings and poems based on Scott’s novel, including Laetitia Elizabeth Landon’s poem based on an illustration in Fisher’s Drawing Room Scrapbook (1839). The actual historical events of the 14th and 15th centuries are recounted in 19th century publications of the chronicles and annals of Perth no doubt given a publishing boost by Scott’s popularity.

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